Thrid Brake Lights

Not all countries require this special light, but in Northern America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand, automobiles must have them mounted. Cars with third brake lights deliver information better as the lights provide a redundant stop signal for the driver in the following high vehicles, who may can not the front car's normal brake lamps.

The Third Brake Lights is mounted higher than the normal brake lamps, usually in the center of the deck lid or spoiler. This kind of bar-shaped light sometimes covers a big portion of the deck lid or spoiler. Notice a car's on normal brake lamps and 3rd brake lamps at night next time, and you'll find they just look like the three angles of a "triangle". These gorgeous on lights beatify a car's rear very much.

To reach the best warning effect, many aftermarket 3rd brake lights adopt LEDs rather than a central filament bulb or a cluster of filament bulbs. Led light source casts bright and conspicuous braking signal to the following road users. Moreover, led saves power energy and can last a very long time. You don't have to replace the led bulbs inside often.

Thrid Brake Light Gallery:

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